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What is hosting?

Hosting refers to the providing of server space and internet connectivity, so your website can be accessible to the public via the World Wide Web. The three basic types of hosting are: 1) shared hosting, 2) Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, or 3) dedicated hosting. Shared hosting means that your site is placed on a server along with other websites and resources are shared. With VPS hosting, you have private disk space that allows for greater resource availability and enhanced customization. Dedicated servers do not share bandwith, allowing for complete control and maximum security.

web hostingWhat kind of hosting do I need?

Amitabha Technology provides both shared and VPS hosting services. Shared hosting is significantly cheaper, and nearly all our clients choose this option. Companies running resource heavy applications with confidential secured data on multiple high traffic websites require the enhanced functionality of either a VPS or dedicated server along with a skilled person to manage it. While shared hosting does not allow for root or administrative access, it is much simpler to manage and does not require hiring a dedicated IT professional. Most likely, shared hosting will be more than sufficient for all your data needs.

Quality hosting

Amitabha Technology offers secure hosting with technical support, so you can relax knowing that your site will run smoothly. We rely on state-of-the-art dedicated servers allowing for greater flexibility, enhanced speed, and reliable uptime. We give you peace of mind at a very reasonable rate.