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Web design

Think about what you want to achieve with your business. Really think about it. Every website designed by Amitabha Technology begins with you. We listen to your needs and envision how a website can realize your goals. We will design a site that looks smart and is carefully crafted to target your specific audience, ensuring they receive the messages you want to convey. This is the best way to turn site visitors into loyal clients, and that equals success for you. So, how exactly do we do that?

Web development

Our technological expertise

Amitabha Technology developed its high standards from combining best practices with years of hands-on experience designing and building websites. We use validated World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards-compliant code on internationally accepted open source Content Management Systems -such as DrupalJoomla!Magento, and WordPress -to create a custom look and feel for every site. This allows your site to be viewed properly across a variety of devices and browsers for optimal user experience. It also improves search engine indexing and ranking of your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated specialization that Amitabha Technology offers to maximize traffic (i.e. visitors who are potential clients) to your site. Basic SEO is included with every website we develop, and expert SEO research services are offered on demand.

Web application development

Amitabha Technology expertise allows you to think outside the box and take your business to a whole new level.  Are you ready for your own mobile app? We can take you there using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build applications for multiple mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Android. Like web design, the first thing to consider is how your app can help you achieve your business goals. Next, we research your potential users, profiling your target audience to determine what they need and desire from your app. We place a high degree of importance on user experience enabling us to build a smarter graphical user interface. This combination means satisfied clients will continue turning to your app to quickly connect with your services. How great is that?